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Hi-Balanz Calcium D Plus

Calcium citrate 1,000 milligram helps to form strong teeth and bones with high absorbability because it doesn’t need gastric juice or stomach acid to absorb. Together with its vitamin D and magnesium, calcium citrate can absorb and supplement to your body well.


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Tri Calcium Citrate             1,000 mg.
Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate 20%       300 mg.
Vitamin D3   0.40 mg.


Weight  :  45 g./box

Contains :  30  capsules

Dosage : take1-2 capsule(s) a day after a meal.


Caution  : Children and pregnant women should not eat.


 FDA Number : 13-1-02954-1-0704

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ราคาปกติ   750.-

Why do people need calcium?

       Calcium is a mineral that is necessary for life. In addition to building bones and teeth which are the main structure of the body and keeping them healthy. And to prevent important organs from getting destroyed. Our bodies cannot produce new calcium although it can be supplemented with the calcium we took. But when we are at the age of 30, our body can no longer keep calcium. Still, people need it for their entire life. That’s the reason why we have to take calcium as a supplement properly to prevent Osteoporosis.


How does calcium help your body?

         More than 99% of calcium in the body will be stored in the bone and will be used 700 mg. a day approximately for resorption. Still, the body will derive calcium back together with bone formation all the time depends on dietary supplementation, the amount of Calcium in the veins, hormones, and ages.

      1% of calcium will run in the vein to build hormones and enzymes for the body system. Its functions in nerve system, muscle system, especially cardiac muscle. It also helps coagulate blood and boost the immune system.


       According to these functions, the body have to maintain the level of calcium in the blood because when the blood lack of calcium, it will bring calcium in the bone out to use instead. So if we didn’t take calcium in as much as it went out, the bone will not be strong.


what type of calcium is best?

 There’re 3 types of calcium in the market

  1. Calcium carbonate – it’s the best seller calcium in the market because of its affordable price. It should be taken after a meal or with orange juice so it can be absorbable. Absorption rate is pretty low which can cause flatulent or constipation in the stomach. If it was taken too much, kidney couldn’t remove in time and that would cause a kidney stone.
  2. Calcium phosphate – It’s easier to absorb comparing to calcium carbonate and doesn’t cause flatulent or constipation in the stomach. But the price is high and hard to find in the market
  3. Calcium citrate – It can be absorbed and dissolved easier than calcium phosphate by splitting and absorb without escargot or acid stimulator. It can be taken at any time of the day without causing the kidney stone.


How much calcium should be taken a day?

         people who are under 50 years old should take calcium 1,000 mg a day. And people who are up to 50 years old should take 1,200 mg a day.

What's the best way to take calcium?

-         Take together with vitamin D because vitamin D increases calcium absorption rate up to 65%. Especially, for those people who lack sunlight. Vitamin D can auto synthetic when the body exposes to sunlight.

-         Take together with magnesium. It helps the body to absorb calcium effectively. The best proportion of calcium per magnesium is 2:1 or 3:1.

-         Take calcium 2 hours after taking other pills to prohibit calcium from blocking pill absorption. People who take Acetazolamide should consult a doctor before use.


Main ingredients in Hi-Balanz Calcium D Plus

Calcium Citrate

       Calcium is a mineral that is necessary for life. In addition to building bones and teeth. calcium citrate is absorbable. It needs no escargot or acid stimulators in absorption because calcium citrate can absorb faster and it can be used instantly for lack-of-calcium bone and teeth repair. It also helps the cardiac muscle to work functionally.



         Magnesium is as important mineral as calcium because it works with calcium in nervous and muscles system. It stimulates enzymes needed in metabolism to prevent calcium from coagulate on organs (gallstone). It also increases calcium absorption in the body up to 65%. So when you took calcium, you should have taken magnesium as a supplement too because they work well together, cannot be separated.


Vitamin D3

         It stimulates calcium and phosphorus absorption so it’s important in building bones and teeth, maintaining a level of calcium and phosphorus in the vein and reducing calcium emission from the body. Vitamin D3 can help prevent cancer especially colon cancer and control amino acid absorption back to the body by the kidney. Once vitamin D is derived, the body will turn vitamin D3 for use. Therefore, taking vitamin D3 instantly can help vitamin to work immediately without waiting for the body the change which might cause abnormal change and vitamin deficiency.




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