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Hi-Balanz Goji Berry Extract

Helps on eyesight and increases its efficiency. It provides anti-oxidant that protect body cells and help with anti-aging.


Ingredients in 1 capsule

Goji Berry Extract 500.00  mg.

Weight  :  17.79  g.

Contains :  30 Capsules 

Dosage : Take 1 Capsule  daily in the morning.


Caution  : Children and pregnant women should not eat.


FDA Number : 11-1-14859-1-0009

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ราคาปกติ   850.-
คุณจะได้รับ 34.50 คะแนน

Hi-Balanz Goji Berry Extract

Helps on eyesight and increases its efficiency. It provides anti-oxidant that protect body cells and help with anti-aging.

Hi-Balanz Goji Berry Extract

Goji berry or Chinese Wolfberry is a type of fruit in ‘berry’ fruits that has an origin in Asia which is a Chinese’s traditional herb. There was a documentation in Chinese history 2000 years ago that it was used as an important ingredient in Chinese traditional medicine. Due to its benefits and nutrients and high anti-oxidant activities, also widely accept as a medical herb so it was registered in a contemporary Chinese medicine book ‘The Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China’ which published by Chinese Ministry of Health. In addition, it was praised by TIME magazine as the best fruit of the year because the fruit has the richest nutrients in the world.

Goji berry characteristics

Goji berry contains various kind of vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C. Also, has important minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Copper, Calcium, Germanium, Selenium, and Phosphorus. Plus, it has Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC), which reflects the efficiency of anti-oxidant capacity, of 25,300 (The second highest ORAC is prunes with only 5,700)

  1. Goji berry and eyesight nourishing

Goji berry helps increase vision ability, nourishes eyesight, decreases eye fatigue, and cures blindness at night where it increases an efficiency of capturing images and prevents blue lights which destroy your eyes and slower eye performance. It also helps normalized those who have Pinguecula and blurred visions. According to a research experiment where volunteers take 15 grams (contains 3 milligrams of Zeaxanthin) of a Goji berry food supplement daily for 28 days. It was founded that eating Goji berry in a suitable amount regularly helps increase the level of Zeaxanthin in blood rapidly, which might lead to a better eye vision. From another research of University of Michigan in United States of America founded that Carotenoid in Zeaxanthin type in Goji berry can slowdown the Macular Degeneration process, stimulate the function of retina, and increase vision in elders. 

  1. Goji berry decreases sugar level and blood lipids.

Goji berry has characteristics of maintaining sugar level in blood, reducing cholesterol, decreasing blood pressure, and preventing blood vessel blockage from lipids which make a healthier heart. An analysis using polysaccharides in Goji berry in type 2 diabetes patients for 300 milligrams per day to observe sugar level and blood lipids for 3 months. Founded that patients have a reduced sugar level and the level of good lipids increased.

  1. Goji berry and immune system

Polysaccharides in Goji berry helps maintain immune system, stimulates the function of white blood cells to work better, protects allergies occurrence, and provides body immune system. According to a research of an efficiency of Goji berry to immune system in elders, volunteers are given 120 milligrams of Goji berry per day for 30 days consecutively. Founded that eating Goji berry has a respond to good immune system.

  1. Goji berry nourishes skin and anti-aging

Ancient Chinese aristocrat women consumed Goji berry for beauty and youth since Goji berry consists of anti-oxidant that has characteristics of protecting and curing skin from UV ray efficiently. Also, helps brightening skin, vanishing dullness, decreasing wrinkles, slowing down aging skin, and protecting and reducing aging process. From Nutrition Research founded that Goji berry has high nutrition especially anti-oxidant, where ORAC is over 25,300. Whereas there are plenty of benefits from anti-oxidant, one of benefits is anti-aging with the resistance of degeneration of organs from anti-oxidant that occurs from a body reaction, which is the cause of premature aging.

  1. Goji berry improves memory and reduces stress

Goji berry has Betaine that helps generate Choline which is a chemical compound that helps improve memory and prevents Alzheimer’s desease. It helps body adapt for anxiety and stress control reducing into a normal state which makes body refresh. According to Amagase H. experiment, founded that drinking Goji berry water for 14 consecutive days will help in body system function such as sleep, body movement, better mental health, and stress reduction.

  1. Goji berry helps normalized liver function

Chinese herbalists recommend to use Goji berry fruits to protect liver because within Goji berry there is Cerebroside which helps improve normalized liver function and protect it from toxic chemicals. From a research, founded that Goji berry fruit helps reduce liver damage rate in guinea pigs that taken toxic chemicals.



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